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Smoke Alarm Services are a company specialising in the installation, maintenance and servicing of smoke alarms.


For a smoke alarm to remain operational it needs to be maintained.
Just like many other things in our lives, smoke alarms if not maintained, will fail.
If a smoke alarm fails due to lack of maintenance, the cost could be loss of life or property.

The Queensland Fire and Rescue Service

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recommend that for smoke alarms to be maintained in working order:

  • Smoke alarm batteries are changed at least every year
  • Smoke alarms are replaced at the end of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Essential reading, article from The Public Health Association of Australia  Read More

Currently we are servicing Brisbane and surrounding areas.

Smoke Alarm Services Provides:

  • Maintenance for smoke alarms.
  • Supply and install smoke alarms.
  • Replace out of date/warranty smoke alarms.

From our experience we have found that a substantial number of smoke alarms fitted in homes have not been maintained, and consequently do not work, putting life and property at risk.

Smoke Alarm Extra Services

  • Liting
  • Fans
  • Power Points
  • Oven Stove
  • Update Main D.Board
  • Range Hood, Exhaust Fans
  • TV:Phone:Data points
  • Circuits Breaker
  • Safety Switch
  • Hot Water System
  • Wiring/Rewiring

Please contact us on 0431 963 199 for further information about our products and services.


Fire Blankets

Smoke Alarms

Fire Extinguishers

As at the 1st Janurary 2017 Leglisation requires all Smoke Alarms be of a Photoelectric type.
There is no general purpose smoke alarm suitable for all situations.
Selection of the correct type and the correct positioning, of a smoke alarm in a room will affect its response, and could be critical in giving early warning of a fire.

The Ionization Alarm is designed to detect invisible particles of combustion. Because of their sensing mechanism, they cannot tell the difference between particles of combustion, dust, or very small bugs. Ionization Alarms respond very quickly to hot, fast flaming fires and are recommended for bedrooms, living areas and hallways. They are also more sensitive and may ‘false alarm’ in areas near moisture, dust, cigarette smoke and cooking fumes.

The Photoelectric Alarm detects visible particles of combustion. This is generally associated with smoke that can be seen. Photoelectric Alarms respond better to slow smoldering fires. Because of their detection principles, they are better suited for areas close to kitchens and living areas with open fires.

Prices vary depending on features required, and length of warranty.
Warranty periods are generally between 3 and 10 years.
Features can include remote testing, hush button, illumination light and dual sensor.

For added safety we can also supply fire blankets and fire extinguishers.

Smoke Alarm Services are able to supply and install smoke alarms

Selection of type and positioning of a new smoke alarm is best done by an experienced operator.
In 1997 it became law in Queensland that smoke alarms be fitted to all new residential properties; however there are many older properties that do not have smoke alarms. The state government has announced it will be mandatory for all homes and units to have smoke alarms installed from July 1st 2007 Read More

  • Many types of Photoelectric products available.
  • A variety of function available depending on price.
  • All smoke alarms used by us are Australian Standards Approved.

Lic No 79071

Smoke Alarm Maintenance is about much more than just changing batteries and pressing the ‘test’ button. We do actual smoke tests, take care of Form 9 Entry Notices for tenants, do all of the paperwork you need to be in compliance with legislation, and more!
The Queensland Fire and Rescue Service recommend that a smoke alarm battery be replaced at least once a year… Read More

  • Replace battery.
  • Clean and check sensor.
  • Actual smoke tests,
  • Test for correct operation with smoke (Smoke detector tester. ‘Smoke in a can’)

Smoke alarms only have a limited life. It is recommended that they be replaced at the end of the warranty period… http://www.fire.qld.gov.au/communitysafety/smokealarms/maintenance.asp
We are able to replace your original smoke alarm with a new one if it is still available, or replace it with another brand.

For added safety we can also supply fire blankets and fire extinguishers

Smoke Alarm Services are able to attend to your every requirement


Once a fire starts it can spread very quickly. Unless a smoke alarm is of the correct type, and installed in the correct position to optimize early warning, precious time could be wasted before the alarm is activated. This could mean the difference between escaping uninjured, and not being able to escape at all.

The minimum requirement for a small single level house or unit is one smoke alarm. For a multi level house, at least one smoke alarm on each level. If there are areas greater than ten metres from the smoke alarm more than one should be installed. For minimum protection each living area, hallway and bedroom should have a smoke alarm. If there is a fire in a room with the door closed, by the time sufficient smoke can escape from that room to where the smoke alarm is located it may be too late, as the fire would have taken hold by then. Even with the door open, smoke will fill the ceiling space above the door opening before it will escape to another room where the smoke alarm is located. In bedrooms where doors are closed while you sleep a smoke alarm in each room is required.

Smoke Alarm Services will help to protect you your family and property.

  • There are some 15,000 residential fires in Australia each year, 170 deaths and 1,500 injuries. Don’t become one of these statistics.
  • There are a number of things you can do to ensure your smoke alarm is in working condition. If you do not have a smoke alarm, get one installed immediately.
  • Have the battery replaced at least once a year.
  • Once a month you should press the test button. The alarm should sound, if the alarm does not sound have the fault rectified immediately.
  • Keep them clean. Dust and debris can interfere with their operation.
  • Smoke alarms must never be painted.
  • Smoke alarms have a limited life. They should be replaced prior to the expiry date on the manufacturer’s warranty. Make a note of the purchase date so you will know when to replace it.
  • Have an emergency evacuation plan and practice it. When a fire occurs there is smoke,heat, confusion, panic and fear. This is not the time to be trying to work out how to escape. Have keys to escape route doors or windows close to the door or window so they can easily be unlocked in an emergency.





The Queensland Fire and Rescue Service web site.  http://www.fire.qld.gov.au/communitysafety/home/evacuation.asp will show you how to prepare an evacuation plan and has a hoast of other information and tips.


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